Just another thought

just another thought

All the opinions, theories, conspiracies and everyone else’s truth/point of view on all these things is the MIRROR of what actually is all happening in your own parts of YOUR MIND, which is nothing else than keeping you busy to not “see/feel” the deeper truth of who you REALLY are because in that, no opinion or truth, not even your own, is needed anymore.

So stop let yourself keeping busy and distracting by your mind and ask yourself, to whom do these thoughts serve to and who is actually seeing all these thoughts?

Remember also, that you are a drop in the great ocean – every thought you think and the belief behind it, is nurturing that ocean – first there is thought and the thought becomes a form.

You really want to let your mind tricks keep forming your and hence our „reality”? Or is it rather a possibility by “stay at home” – finally stay at your real home, your soul essence which is connected to the divine of nothingness but stillness and peace and hence real creation starts to happen from a deeper place?!

And even this thought, is at the end just a thought but it might help to ask yourself some questions to move beyond all this.

May we all be the change ourselves, we wish for this world.

Namaste from one drop of the ocean with love, Solange

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