Your own melody…

It is not about overcome our ego, being at perfect harmony all the time… sometimes, we loose ourselfs, feel cut off, even desperate. But is it really wrong? Or simply just needed?

Because after that process, there is a time, where we just seem to fall back into that oneness… but on a different level. With more gratitude, more love, more understanding. How could we know how oneness feels, if we haven’t felt separation?

So maybe, we just bother to much about constant inner harmony, falling out of that oneness feeling. What if, this cutting off is necessary to actually grow. To understand that we acutally never can fall out of that oneness, as it is our natural state.

It feels, as every single, little thing happening in our mind, heart, life, is like the perfect note of a wonderful melody – our own melody. And if one note of that unique peace would be missing – it might not be that wonderful anymore.

And there are times, where we can cleary here that melody in our heart and deep love and understanding are fullfilling us.

From Soul to Soul

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